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All facilities and vendors are continually reviewed for top quality care.


Now with a trusted care network that covers five counties, we hand pick referrals for each client based on individual care needs, geographical preference and personal taste.


Our goal is to assist with proper placement focusing on level of care, needs, desired area for placement and budget, to promote long term care placement while NOT jeopardizing Top Quality Care.


Services provided by Caregiving Referral Services are FREE to the community.




CRS Offers Assistance In The Following Areas In Southern California: 

Los Angeles County

Orange County

Riverside County

San Bernardino County 



Call a Client Care Coordinator for a Free Evaluation or to request assistance in another area

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Caregiving Referral Services (CRS)


Is a full service, private-duty placement agency committed to meeting the needs of our clients and their families. We are a highly professionalized health care team providing quality healthcare in a compassionate, friendly and dedicated manner.

Enabling provider to meet the demand for quality patient care and eliminating the burden of managing this critical process is our  primary purpose.