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Hospice Care

In Home Care

Hospice Care is a program of health care and services designed to provide comfort and support to patients and their families when a life-limiting illness no longer responds to cure-oriented treatment. Hospice care is sensitive to the unique needs of each patient and family. It considers the entire family, not just the patient, to be the unit of care. Under hospice care, patients and their families will have the opportunity to prepare for the end-of-life experiences with dignity. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death. Care is provided by a team of professionals who address the needs of patients and their families on medical, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Services are provided with privacy and dignity in the patient’s home, board and care, nursing homes and assisted living care facilities. 

Call our Help-line at 1-855-888-6595  for assistance with finding a Hospice Care Provider.


Board & Care

In Home Care can be given in your own home by family members, friends, volunteers, and/or paid professionals. This type of care can range from help with shopping to nursing care. Some short-term, skilled home care (provided by a nurse or therapist) is covered by Medicare and is called "home health care." Another type of care that can be given at home is hospice care for terminally ill people.


By calling our Help-line at 1-855-888-6595 we can provide options.

Assisted Living

There are many Assisted Living facilities which have comprehensive programs designed specifically for the elderly who cannot live on their own. These are not retirement residences with adjunct care program but are facilities specifically constructed for the purpose of caring for seniors. Sometimes these facilities are conversions of retirement residences or small apartments into care centers. They generally are laid out apartment style with special amenities such as walk in showers, wide doors for wheelchair access, emergency call pull cords, etc. 

It is important to visit as many in your area as you can to get a feel for what is available before you make a choice. By calling our Help-line at 1-855-888-6595 you can get a personalized list of qualified facilities in your area that have been inspected by our staff to start your search.

Generally, board and care homes are allowed to care for individuals with dementia but the state does not allow them to be a secured environment. This means that an individual that may get up during the night in order to leave the home is a risk for elopement. These homes all have an alarm system that alerts them to anyone trying to enter or leave the premises. Very few care homes have the staff or capabilities to contend with residents that are displaying aggressive behaviors (biting, pushing, swearing, and yelling) and will not accept clients that are known to have these behaviors unless the behavior is controlled with the use of medications. For these reasons, when an individual reaches that level, the best possible option is a dedicated / Dementia or Alzheimer's unit or community. 

By calling our Help-line at 1-855-888--6595 you can get a personalized list of qualified facilities in your area that have been inspected by our staff to start your search.

Nursing Home / Convalescent

Nursing homes provide institutional care for people recovering from an acute illness or for those whose chronic needs require skilled nursing care, significant assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing, grooming,  bathing, toileting, or transferring or both.

By calling our Help-line at 1-855-888-6595 you can get a list of facilities in your area that are covered by long term insurance to start your search.